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Web Devlopment

Development For All Your IT NEEDS

Web usability testing is the most important tool.
we use in optimising our web content.

- A designer is brought in, and points to the need for a new HTML5 slideshow banner. Oh, and a jQuery animated menu will really help too.
- Marketing have their two cents to pitch in, claiming the graphics are useless. Beautifully designed graphics and branding will make the difference.

Get the content you need from your clients. Organised and on time.

- Collaborate with your team and clients
- Keep content structured, in a centralised place
- Track changes, and see who has done what
- Export content directly into your CMS
- Save huge amounts of time and money

Social Media Marketing

Mint Social will make you an active believer because our services are simple and effective.
We infuse social media marketing into an established online marketing plan and the end
result is the establishment of your brand in the top social media websites that currently
represents over 40% 50% 60% 75% (it keeps growing) of all Internet traffic and as a byproduct,
gets businesses ranked in the top of search engines.

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